GangnamTen5 – Visit the Favorite Places and Enjoy Gangnam’s Hidden Gems


Though Gangnam is one of the hustling cities of South Korea, every year, many people travel here to visit their favorite places. But at the same time, it is famous for its glamour and lifestyle. The district is also the hub of many attractive and hidden gems. One of these is the Gangnam ten5 bars.

What other hidden gems does this city have? Let’s take a look at all one by one:

1. Apgujeong Rodeo Street:

It is considered a fashionable destination that is the love of locals as well as tourists. With designer boutiques, cafes and restaurants, this street attracts not only food lovers but also fashion enthusiasts. You can also visit this street to explore boutiques, new trends, fashions and foods to overcome your needs. Now you can enjoy this amazing and attractive Rodeo street.

2. Bongeunsa Temple:

This temple is famous and hidden among the skyscrapers of Gangnam. Due to its peaceful location away from city hustles and bustles, this temple is the favorite of all visitors. You may visit this temple to explore its gardens, architecture and meditation sessions.You also may like to know about decentralizedfinance

3. Garosu-gil:

This street is also famous because of trees on both sides, along with art galleries, cafes and boutiques. The place is also known for sipping coffee, shopping for clothes and strolling. Due to the unique shops and creative atmosphere, the street provides a unique spot to explore.

4. Starfield COEX Mall:

This mall is the most famous in Gangnam because of its hidden treasures, such as its attractive exterior, library and museum, along with an aquarium. It means you can explore marine life at this place.

5. Dosan Park:

It is another hidden but luxurious spot that allows you to escape from the hustles of life. You may stroll along the gardens, enjoy a picnic along the lush trees and do some activities. It is the favorite and loving place for many locals and tourists who want to enjoy peace.

6. Gangnam Finance Center Observatory:

If you want to enjoy the high-end and attractive view of Gangnam, then this center is the right place. Though it is less crowded because of its hidden identity, it offers a breathtaking view of the Gangnam skyline.You also may like to know about j morse construction

7. Han River Park – Ttukseom Resort:

If you want to escape from the busy routine and hustles of the city, then Han River Park is the right place. With riverside picnics, scenic rides and water sports, you can enjoy your day and relax.

8. Gangnam ten5

The is the home to many exciting bar activities that let you feel energized and offer an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to enjoy mixology, concerts, collaborations or competitions. The bar is the right place to get a dynamic and engaging experience.


Gangnam is known for many hidden gems that all offer you a unique and deeper experience. Once you visit the hidden places of this district, you can get an idea about tradition and modernity. Also, Gangnam-ten5 allows you to explore the culture and traditions of Korea.

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