Why Is My Windstream Internet Slow?


What everyone demands with any broadband network is ‘a good internet’ service and when you are not get the high-speed internet they want, you get disappointed and I believe you as a user has all the right to complain your internet service provider that you are not getting enough speed.

Many service providers claim to be one of the bests but they some how fails to meet the desired speed. Windstream Internet over the years has proved to be the best in the business due to its futuristic approach towards the internet and speed. Windstream has served millions of families in the US and then became one of the largest broadband networks in the state. 

But what if your internet is getting slow even on Windstream?

If you are not getting enough speed in your Kinetic Internet, there is nothing to be worried about, because I am going to explain what are the factors that makes your internet slow. Without wasting your time, let’s move forward and analyze.

  • Many Devices at a time 

The main reason for your internet to get slowdown is too “many devices” being connected at single time. For example, if you choose Kinetic Basic package and you have connected 4 smartphones, a laptop and a Smart TV, pretty obvious that your internet is going to slow down, so if you want a good and a reliable connection, you need to connect the exact amount of device you opt for.

  • WiFi device

There have been some cases where users complain about their internet being slowed down but the fact that you as a user neglect is, your router being placed at the wrong, may be you get better signals but due to the distance, your speed may be affected, in that case you will require WiFi signal booster to enhance your signals so that you can better speed, or if you are not using Windstream router because you have your own and that router is not supported to the amount of speed Windstream is providing you, that might be a big reason for you to get a lazy speed.

  • Multiple routers 

A major reason for slow speed internet could be multiple routers being connected in less space, because if there are 2 or more routers, the device will eventually change its channel and due to changing in channel, you might get a very slow speed in your device.

Now after reading all the possibilities, what you should do is

  • Speed test

After doing all the things, what you should do is, have a record of your internet speed by testing it so that you can have an idea that what exact speed are you getting and in what package.

  • Upgrade your package

If you are putting more load on your modem, for example if your package allows you to connect 4 devices and you are connecting more than 4 or maybe more than 5, that clearly means that you need to upgrade your package because you require a package that can support the load of your house.

If you are not using the premium package offered by Windstream Communications then don’t worry because you can simple upgrade your package by using their super helpful 24/7 customer support so that they can easily upgrade your house to a better package.

In case if you are thinking about the packages and price of Windstream Internet, don’t worry, I will show you.


Services offered by Windstream


Kinetic – Standard

The package does not come with fiber connectivity and allows their user to have 100mbps of download speed.
You can check mails, use a bit of social media. Starts with 39.99$ per month

Kinetic – Fiber world

The plan comes with fiber connectivity and it gives their user a 500mbps fast download speed
You can watch movies, download and play some games. Starts with 39.99$ per month
Kinetic – Unlimited Fiber The tier offers you some crazy 1gbps of download speed. User can watch content in 4K, play multiplayer high end games with ease
Starting with 69.99$ per month

Kinetic – Internet & Voice 

This package is a bundle where users can enjoy a brilliant speed of around 500mbps download speed and what makes this package more exciting is the “Unlimited Call” in Voice. You can do unlimited calls and can enjoy same feature like Kinetic – Fiber 500
It starts with 59.99$ per month


Prices may vary according to the area. 

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